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The Art of Saying No

Nice person, Since you came, you must have a weakness like not being able to say no. Relax.

We will overcome this problem.  If you don’t want to go to the cinema to avoid breaking the heart, because if you say no, you can break your relationship or feel selfish. Don’t feel! You are not an ice cream. You can’t make everyone happy and you don’t have to. Let’s say to him/her , she/he comes, no need to ask if she/he accepts it for sure. people don’t feel your emotion. The golden rule of being potatoes means yes to everyone in every respect. Once you create this perception, yesers constantly surround you. Lowering self-confidence. Think now, close your eyes and review your life. Think about things you can’t say no. Now update those topics by thinking that they gave no answer to the first question.  you didn’t lose, you won. you created when you can use it for yourself. let’s prove our weaknesses in saying no, what do you feel when you say no below let’s see,

  • Not to be rude
  • Want to be compatible
  • Not feeling guilty
  • fear of being perceived as selfish
  • Avoiding conflicts
  • Afraid of breaking the relationship
  • Feeling the need to please everyone

Someone you love comes to you and says go out and drink coffee. You have jobs or are busy or don’t want you .The answer should be no in the table that appears here, but you say yes to be a sweet potato and not to upset the other. Do you think that coffee will be sweet? It does not come because you did not express your desires by breaking your self-confidence. Once again yes, it will  said and you were wrong you. you say right, is it more important than my darling? , What will happen if we had coffee for 1 hour bro?  you can say. You are right but according to the rules in your dream World. The real world isn’t so dusty pink. The yes answer that you gave unwillingly for 1 hour, took you a little self-confidence from the authority and killed your time from your life. The things you do not do on top of you or the things you have been postponed will stay alone with you after the person who made you say yes to your coffee without digesting it in your stomach. then your psychology will deteriorate, stress, anxiety, panic goes on. The quality of your life decreases. Nobody can give you time. You must be honest with yourself. Yourself didn’t do anything to you. Be aware of this from external damage caused by you. You should know the art of saying no. There is no explanation for saying no. You don’t have to tell the reason for saying I don’t want. It doesn’t have to have a reason. You have to teach your tongue the art of martial. We call this Tonque Fu. not without asking her/him, May not want, You have to say no to make her/him  think it matters. You should learn to say no. First, we can soften the word no. If I give a few items;

  • Helping you,…. I would love to do it, but…
  • “I won’t be able to help you with this, but… maybe it is possible.”
  • “Can you let me think a little about this, I’ll let you know tomorrow.”
  • “Unfortunately, it is not suitable for me at all, but let’s consider another alternative together.”
  • “I’m very busy these days,… it takes a lot of time. … I will be available days later, how is it for you? ”

You can give answers like this. If he cares about you, he also cares about your thoughts. Do not explain if he insists. When making a statement, it is shaken by the authority. You don’t have to explain to anyone who imposes you that you don’t want. “No” is not your enemy. This is the most essential word for your well-being.

If you say I can’t say no, you should create a “no” day. If you do 7 days a week and 1 day no, believe me, you will be free from many responsibilities in one day. By finishing your tongue, you change the thoughts of the environment in a way that will make you feel authority.

Try it… No matter what you want, you should say no to everything that day. Keep your tongue in your hands. Remember that you are important. Your thoughts are important. You can try and write the results in the comments. You can also write your opinion in the comment, helping me to determine the next topic. If you say no, I am not broken because I know that there is no explanation for what you do not want.



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