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The Future of WordPress.com

To put an end to this confusion (.org-.com), I have prepared a short informative article.

WordPress.org and . com extension is divided into two. While the com extension is a practical site building address established by automattic, the org extension is a difficult site building address that requires completely files and code. Of course, difficulty is relative.

WordPress.org is an address without a social network, while WordPress.com is a good blogging site for individuals with more average computer skills that have a social network in itself and you can follow.

If you look at WordPress.com sites, you will see mostly blog-style sites on topics such as personal development, literature, technology, and news. Yes, unlike other social media applications, we can say that this is a place frequented by intellectuals, purified from evil. Since the people here are generally individuals who want to spend their free time reading something, it is useful for the articles to be fluent and visually readable.

I think this platform will become famous and more active in the future. When people realize that their time is wasted, they will understand that it is more useful to head to this platform and learn something.

Our duty in this regard is to make admin friends, that is, to follow other sites, like their articles and efforts, and make comments.

What do you think about WordPress?
You can write in the comments.



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